Sergeant Joseph Cashman

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All MPAI Members Corona Virus Update


This is a copy of a Safety Consultant guidance for anyone in relation to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The way things are changing, this may need a complete overhaul in the coming days.

We’ll keep on top of it.

There is also a link to HSE site on the document also as follows.

The advice on this site is pretty much live updates and may be useful..

Should any of you present with any Corona Virus like symptoms, please seek medical advice.


The NEC believes it is appropriate that ALL MEETINGS of the association,

both at all branches and the DFTC, be SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The situation will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.


Dear Members

As we go through this period of uncertainty, it is extremely important that we all, not only look after ourselves but also each other. It is for this reason that the NEC has decided to become as proactive as we possibly can, we will update our site, the NEC has also decided to reactivate Facebook Page which will also be updated with any relevant information particularly that from the HSE that we believe may be useful.

We would also request all members to check the site daily for these updates, we would also request members to check with some of our older and more vulnerable members that at some stage may require some assistance.

Members requiring assistance to make contact with your local Branch or the NEC by contacting Nicola on 087-4291861.

Let us look after each other during these challenging times.


get in touch or Make Payment

For Registrations etc. Please get in touch via Mobile or use the contact form by clicking contact to the right. One of our Officers will be in touch as soon as possible. NEC Secretary Mobile 087-429 1861

Our Annual Membership subscription is Thirty (30) Euros. This can be paid as Follows:

A: In person by Cash or Cheque, to the Association or Branch treasurers.

B: Using ATM in any Branch of A.I.B. Using BIC and IBAN. Ensure your Name is included in the transaction:


IBAN: IE43 AIBK 9332 4443 8700 45