The Military Police Corps is the law enforcement agency with the Defence Forces deriving its authority from the Provost Marshal (PM).
During the period in 1922 before the outbreak of civil war when barracks were being taken over from the British Forces, suitable men were enrolled as Military Policemen, in Dublin (20) and the Curragh Camp (30). Their duties consisted mainly town patrols and special escort duties (Still being performed today). By the end of 1922, due to the increased strength of the Defence Forces, the number of Military Policemen was increased to 300.
In 1924 there was another Defence Force reorganisation and the Military Police Corps establishment permitted strength of 564 all ranks and provided for, Headquarters, Five Companies, Military Barracks (Arbour Hill, Curragh Camp, Cork and Athlone, Training Depot (McKee Barracks, Dublin).
This new establishment saw the appointment of Major Roger Edmund McCorley as Provost Marshal (PM).
Many re-organisations took place over the years and in the 1960’s the first Military Police Association was established through the Provost Marshal’s office. For one reason or another association dwindled away to such an extent that in the late 1970’s it no longer existed.
In March 2014 a small group of retired MP veterans came together in the MP Mess, The Curragh Camp to explore the possibility of establishing an MP association. From discussions at those meeting it became clear that there was a great requirement for such an association. Therefore the MPAI was established.
Members of the MPAI meet on a monthly basis at the MP Mess, DFTC Curragh Camp, In March 2016 the North West Branch of the MPAI was established and in April 2016 the Southern Branch of the MPAI was established. These branches were established on the request from MPAI members residing in these areas.


  The objectives of the MPAI are:
  a. To foster esprit de corps within the Military Police Corps and the Military Police retired community.
  b. To support and participate with other Defence Forces Associations to preserve and perpetuate the traditions of the Defence Forces and the Military Police Corps.
  c. To recognise the achievements of serving and veteran members of the Military Police Corps
  d. To provide support to Military Police veterans and their families.
  e. To provide a venue where retired and serving members of the Military Police Corps can share a common identity and experience.
  f. To encourage and support public interest in the Military Police Corps.

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Constitution of the MPAI Printable Pdf Format

Constitution of the Military Police Association Ireland Rev 2. Jan 2023